Wealth Result

Ultra HNI's, HNI and other Individuals

Wealth is a result of saving and investing prudently. Konfido Advisors have been focussed on bringing to the forefront the results of how money can work for advantage and yet lead your chosen life...

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Establishments Amenity

Corporate and SME's

Establishments Amenity or Institutional Investor are organisation or corporations who trade larger securities. Konfido Advisors have an comprehensive understanding of this segment...

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Insurance Products

Insurance is cushion against the risk of financial loss, which could be a result from damage or injury caused by and to a 3rd party. It is a contract which is rendered by...

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Estate & Trust Management

There are a number of complexities involved when administering an estate and trust management. At Konfido we simplify the complexities. Meeting with the beneficiaries...

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In the standpoint of a fiscal consultant, we do all what a wealth management firm entails. Making sure that with its financial services, the client is given the advice and guided to handle their finances...

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Wealth Psychology

Our wealth psychologist is a professional who specialises in issues relating specifically to wealthy individuals. Wealth psychologists are also called money psychologists or wealth counselors...

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Real Estate Consulting

Konfido Advisors start by understanding the investors objectives, goals, priorities and other circumstances and start building your solutions. With this program we will...

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Bullion is gold and silver that is officially recognised as being at least 99.5% pure and is in the form of bars or ingots. An investor who wants to purchase precious metals can purchase it in physical...

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