About Konfido Advisors.

Big problems seldom get solved by applying Band-Aid.

Stock market fluctuations, collapse in oil prices, volatile investments, prudent ones, tax planning, the guessing game around the reverse rate spikes, the vested have a lot to grapple now a days. More than ever now people are turning to the counsel of INDEPENDENT financial Advisor, judging the swelling assets distribution under management.
Konfido Wealth Management Advisor - we are an important INDEPENDENT participant in the sphere.
The winged stallion representing Konfido Advisors, represents wisdom and a reliant long term Konfidante for our patrons.
The autumn of 2003 the sonnet rhyme schemed, today fourteen years later we have a heroic couplet, seasoned as ever, we have steadily increased our market share 37% annually in the wealth management segment.
Today, we guide every-one from Ultra High network Individuals to business houses, Non-profit trusts to family offices, incubators to Fortune 500 companies.


  • We customise differently for every client. Our Products & services are designed to reduce user costs and add higher profitability. We ensure our products & services are exclusive and available to our different customer segments
  • Expert Advisor 24/7